Settle Your Scores

by Settle Your Scores

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released January 20, 2015

Produced by Nick Ingram at Capital House Studio



all rights reserved


Settle Your Scores Cincinnati, Ohio

Heavy pop-punk band from Cincinnati, OH

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Track Name: Worst Intentions (You Had 'Em)
You had the worst intentions
And I let you get the best of all my friendships
You cut ties with no regrets
But in the end I hope you get what’s coming
With your worst intentions, worst intentions

So have another drink
And try to think of the last time that you lost sight
Of everything you had within your reach
Before the ground fell from beneath your feet
Face facts, I know you’re just dying for all the attention
All of the tension’s been building up, building up
Just to come crashing down when you’re not around
So you can say what you will but I know

Let’s set this story straight right now
You dug your own grave
Your lies will bury you alive
Now it’s time to lie in the mess you made
You’ve got your back against the wall
But this time there’s no one there to take the fall
‘Cause you’re alone and all on your own
With nowhere to run to, who will you turn to?
So you can play me but I should have known

Tell me something
How do you fall asleep at night?
Knowing you’re the cause of all of this

You set yourself up for failure
You took the best of me and made it history
You set yourself up to fail
And I know you will
Track Name: Behind the Scene/Nothing Without You
So here we go and we’re on a crash course
For empty wallets and sleeping on floors
But we have no remorse for filling our time
With what we live for
We’re gonna run this town
We’ll cast our doubts and then we’ll burn them to the ground
But we’ve always known
That we’d never get anywhere on our own

And all this time
You’ve been picking up the pieces
That we've left behind

So stop the presses and start the headlines
We’re leaving all that we know behind
From the start to the bitter end
You know we wouldn’t be here now without our friends
We will never forget
The places we’ve been or the people we’ve met
In thick and thin you pulled us through
And now we know we would be nothing without you

We’re setting the gears into motion
And it feels like all these years were building up to this moment
There’s no turning back
Well it’s a long, hard road
But at least we know we’re not walking it alone
We’re taking what is ours and we’re never letting go
We’re taking control

We’re fighting for the best days of our lives
Track Name: Poster Boys for Bad Luck
Don’t push your luck
Or you’ll never make it out alive
It’s time to choose whether to spill your guts
Or choke swallowing your pride (time’s up)
You’re just another hurdle that is standing in our way
You have so much left to learn
And you’ve got nothing left to say

So count your wins and cut your losses
‘Cause we know you’re keeping score
You won the battle but you lost the war
So let’s go

We’re bad news and we’re coming for you
‘Cause we’ve got nothing to lose
I bet you think you’re special
But you’re a fake and every breath you take
Is the worst mistake you’ve ever made

So listen up and I’ll break this down for you
We’ve been down on our luck since 1992
You keep running your mouth
And now we’re running out of patience
We’ve had enough with all these one way conversations

Count your wins and cut your losses
‘Cause we know you’re keeping score
It won’t be long until you’re back for more
So let’s go

This is the worst mistake you’ve ever made
Though the wounds will heal with time
The scars remain